I Love Rock’n’Roll

On a store front that’s as bright red as the armchairs and benches that decorate the interior, the musical credo is scrawled out in large letters: here, the blues reign strong – but not exclusively. There’s rock and pop, and why not a bit of jazz and metal too – all’s welcome here! As summer arrives, it’s gigs galore, and all year long there are DJs a plenty. Monday nights, the public are free to bring along their own vinyl, to share their current favourites with the numerous regulars who are hanging out at the bar or on the terrace. Guillaume Raynaud owns the bar. He’s a former sound engineer and musician (three albums and a show at the Olympia in Paris as the supporting act for none other than Mass Hysteria), and he’s proud to offer such diversity, kicking off the evening with Son House and ending it with some portuguese black metal! Since opening in April 2013, the Ashbury has come in many guises. At one point, you’d come here to eat bagels.

Nowadays, we come to play pool, which stands next to an old piano adorning the floor. As for the décor, it’s definitely out of the ordinary – think old beer ad posters mixed with a rather imposing animal in the window (a hipparion, the ancestor of a zebra). But what’s important lies elsewhere… After having spent three years in Los Angeles, Guillaume came back to the Auvergne, convinced he could bring something new, something different to the city. And this ‘something’ took the shape of an authentic bar where everyone is free to listen to or to discover whatever they so wish. No ingroups, no judgement. But definitely with a decent beer in hand (Licorne blonde, Licorne black, O'Hara's 51 State IPA, Barbar blonde… the choice is yours!) and the feeling that you’ve found your home inside this rock’n’roll pub that doesn’t plays by the rules.

Nico Prat