Bouillon Tigre

A melting pot of cultures

The cuisine here is certainly a family affair. Thu Bui is the restaurant owner, following in the footsteps of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother before her. She lived in Vietnam up until the age of 14, before moving to France where she learnt the trade alongside her mother. At one point, she tried to fight against fate, by choosing to study philosophy. But no, her family history caught up with her and today she’s at the helm of Bouillon Tigre. What’s in store? A blend cultures and flavours served with a huge smile and warm welcome, plus a surprisingly globe-trotting wine menu (Portugal, Germany, Chili, Brazil, Mexico…). Not only that, the whole lot is set to a soundtrack of Radiohead’s Kid A or The Strokes, plus minimalist decor which does the job. When it comes to the food, every week you’ll find five new dishes written up on the blackboard menu (which always includes one vegetarian dish).

Even with the classics, like the bun bo which we all know by heart, it feels like we’re discovering the dishes for the very first time. Despite what the name might suggest, don’t expect to find tiger broth on the menu. In fact, the ‘tiger’ in the name represents the zodiac sign, not the animal. On the other hand, Thu Bui is crazy for broth and serves it every day as an accompaniment to the varying mains. From street food sandwiches to pasta with courgettes, everything goes on this all-embracing menu. Do make sure to leave room for dessert - the coconut pudding with mango coulis or the tiramisu are to die for! The dish of the day will set you back €14, wine by the glass is from €3.50 to €5, same goes for the beer, with ales from Japan, China and Cambodia. It’s never been so easy to travel!

Nico Prat