Galerie Claire Gastaud


She confesses, almost rather naively: at one point she thought it was possible to work in the art world without actually being an artist. It just goes to show how far Claire Gastaud has come since opening her very first gallery in 1986. The gallery naturally holds her name, as here she displays her current favourites and artistic crushes - without giving in to trends. Whether she showcases well-known names or emerging talents, the criteria remains the same, namely quality plus the personality and commitment of the artist. The gallery is home to a wide range of artists such as the Figuration libre artist Rémi Blanchard, and Tania Mouraud, the multidisciplinary artist who mixes painting, installations, photography, sound, video and performance.

Here, modernity and yesterday rub shoulders, so too does photography and painting. The whole collection is edgy and mainstream both at the same time, and can be consulted online via the gallery’s website. What’s cool is that when we ask her just what makes her gallery so unique, her answer bursts right out: she ignores the fact that the gallery is based here in Clermont, and thus offers a selection accordingly. Quite simply, it’s art as an opening into the world.

Nico Prat


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