Willing fashion victim

Not far from the cathedral in the heart of Clermont-Ferrand’s historic centre, you’ll find this boutique whose architecture takes you aback at first. Right before you is a minimalist, industrial 200m2-space that almost has an icy feel to it. Inside, we spot a huge illuminated wall with Volvic stones poking through, meanwhile the electro-lounge sounds (admittedly not to everyone’s taste) blaring out grab our attention. As we pass the threshold, our initial frosty thoughts soon thaw thanks to the burning sensation as we max the plastic. For almost 20 years now, Inside has had one and only goal: to offer the public a big, or rather massive, choice of all things cool. Sneaker head? Well, the biggest international names line the shelves alongside lesser known brands, like Lonesome Detail, a spanking new Bordeaux-based brand brought to you by a group of sneaker addicts.

If you’re more than happy with your old espadrilles shoes, why not consider a new watch or a pair of socks instead? One way or another, you’ll find something you need – or rather, want – here. There’s a deluge of different apparel brands from the world over (like the Marseille clothing brand Sessùn, to the Danish brand Rains with their bags and waterproof coats), plus independent designers too. And if you can’t decide what to buy on the spot, Inside also runs a blog where designers and vendors unveil their newest threads and share their latest favourites. They’ll soon be all your latest desires.

Nico Prat

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