Le Baraka

A pop bubble

When we were putting together this guide, we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle: which category does Le Baraka fall under? Is it a club? A concert venue? A bar to hang out with friends? The answer: it’s all of the above, and then some. Since opening in January 2006, this venue-club-bar has evolved, grown and bowled people over by keeping in tune with its audience, or rather, its various audiences. Every week, Le Baraka hosts a DJ set from midnight until 5am, plus a live show from 8.30pm. Expect a bit of rock, electro and pop, but whatever the music, it’s sure to get you dancing! We’re especially partial to their tribute nights, like the one dedicated to Neil Young that featured local acts. You’ll discover tomorrow’s talent before anyone else.

Take La Femme, who played a show here well before they achieved national fame. Not yet familiar with Johnny Mafia, Pendentif, Lenz-Faraday or even Triangle? They’ve all played here, and they’ll surely come back again. And as always, it’ll cost you less than a tenner to get in (as for the club nights, they’re totally free!). Le Baraka is like a small bubble of multi-coloured neon lights. A bubble that has an undeniable advantage of being located slap bang in the city centre. In French, if you’ve got a “baraka” it means you’re born under a lucky star. And Clermont-Ferrand is truly lucky to have this club-cum-concert venue in the heart of the city. Or rather, it’s perhaps the other way round.

Nico Prat

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