Le Bikini

Rock spirit

This guy is Oliv. He’s the boss and, just like his bar, he’s the epitome of rock’n’roll. Expect Nirvana, The Black Angels and Pearl Jam to play out the stereo, plus soul and even American rap… Expect to bump into the local crowd, where everyone is showing off their new tattoo or talking about last night’s party, all while enjoying various American or Danish beers on tap as well as a large choice of rums, whisky and gin. The venue itself is pretty impressive. Located on Avenue Trudaine (which is a bit of an ‘alcohol alley’ with its numerous bars all lined up), Le Bikini stands out from the outset. Hop up three steps to enter this confined space with low ceilings. You’ll barely hear one another speak, for the music is deafeningly loud. And when Oliv is not setting ablaze the nightlife with his latest musical crushes, there are some furiously punk gigs that blare out every now and again - but unfortunately not often enough.

The venue is not well adapted for gigs, but hey, whatever let’s just go with Bikini’s rock’n’roll flow. Having been around now for 10 years, this place is irreplaceable and a way of life. We don’t come to Le Bikini to be seen, we come here to drink and talk a little too loud. We often bump into Turbojugend (literally, “turbo youth”), a sort of fan club of the Norwegian group Turbonegro, whose members stand out by wearing denim jackets emblazoned with their logo. Local band The Elderberries (who now go simply by The Elders) even filmed a video in homage to the place. It’s certainly a pretty special place culturally. It’s important to for the beer. And the gin. We’ll be back again tomorrow, to start all over again.

Nico Prat