Le Caveau des Anges

Gold star mojitos!

From opera singing to traditional Icelandic music, plus pop, rock, jazz, covers and compositions…. The jazz club Le Caveau des Anges is never idle. Since opening its doors in 2011, its held no less than 500 gigs – the line-up sure is enough to make your head spin! Not only are there gigs programmed two to four times a week, but the venue also holds jam sessions every Wednesday, as well as karaoke nights. Saturday night is generally reserved for world music and dance styles, like flamenco, belly dance and Brazilian music. OK, so it’s a bit of a walk from the city centre, but it’s definitely worth it. Not only are the venue’s opening hours are just begging for you to party (from Monday to Saturday, from 5:30pm to 3:30am), but the basement room is calling out to all types of musical experimentation – even your own personal one, after a mojito or two.

Because here, the owner has been proudly awarded with the Mojito D’Or (a label probably not recognised by the State but one that’s well deserved nonetheless), as their cocktails are damn delicious. And for the cherry on the cake: the owner has such a passion that he could talk to you for hours on end about his hometown, his club and all the musicians he hosts regularly and loves seeing successfully grow between his four walls. Basically, there’s an atmosphere of genuine camaraderie here. At Le Caveau des Anges you feel right at home. Come here and you’ll certainly leave without your voice – especially on karaoke night!

Nico Prat

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