Le Chapelier Toqué

Completely bonkers!

The name might sound familiar, but the place is full of surprises! Chapelier Toqué (or the Mad Hatter in English) might be the friend of the March Hare’s who Alice meets in Wonderland, but it’s also a bar on Place Saint Pierre going by the same name. Many settle on its terrace on the pedestrianized street, but as night falls, its inside where the madness goes on. Climb a couple of steps to reach the rather imposing bar which runs the length of the wall of this long and narrow room. Behind it you’ll find the owner Vincent, who’s also a musician in a math rock band, serving pints galore. Sitting behind a desk a little further away you’ll find a DJ with sunglasses on, head burrowed in his computer screen, mixing between grunge classics and obscure funk compositions. Feeling peckish? No worries. They’ve got a hotdog machine rolling all night long, and every now and then they have oysters on the menu.

Take it easy, it’s all uncomplicated here: with a local organic beer in hand, propped up against the long counter bar nestled under the majestic stone-vaulted ceiling, everything goes when it comes to topics of conversation. The gigs scheduled depend on what’s hot right now and the owner’s whims. And come summer, you’ll often find a crowd amassing at the entrance (when musicians will just set up wherever). The Chapelier Toqueé isn’t the sexiest of bars, nor the most well known. There isn’t an extensive drinks menu, the range of beers is limited and the sound isn’t great. But what’s essential about this place is to be found elsewhere. The Chapelier Toqué is bonkers. You never know what’s going to happen or who you’ll bump into. It’s like a jump into the unknown.

Nico Prat