Le Puy de la Lune / Le Caveau de la Michodière

Jazz for all!

Come for the jazz, stay for the ambiance, return for the truffade! This basically sums up what happens when you come to Puy de la Lune for the very first time. It’s the charming restaurant hidden inside the Caveau de la Michodière wine bar where many a live show takes place. Hidden down a tiny, inconspicuous street, the Puy de la Lune is a bar, a gig venue and a restaurant all rolled into one – and it’s pretty successful in each individual category. Imagine: you’re with seven other friends and you turn up late. No worries! You’ll not have too much problem getting a table. Some gigs take place in the basement, others take place opposite the bar (expect no less than four gigs per week, from wednesday to wunday night). But in both instances, the Puy de la Lune remains the place perfect for meeting new people and striking up conversation. As for the menu?

It’s lovingly dedicated to local Auvergne cuisine. Of course there’s truffade, frogs legs and charcuterie to die for, plus the flash-grilled steak tartare is not to be missed. Meanwhile, the Auvergne salad is overflowing with local cheese (Cantal, St Nectaire, bleu d’Auvergne) which you’ll have no difficulty in pairing with something from the comprehensive list of wines and whiskies. The extravagant décor is included in the bill: red walls decorated with black and white photos, an impressive round bar, and an almost-hidden room where you’ll dine facing the rows of bottles that’ll go with your meal. The incredibly welcoming team will not fail to describe the wines and help you pick one out. Listen to their advice - you won’t regret it!

Nico Prat