Le Temps d'un Verre

It is an important stake for our time period; in the era of social networks and everything instantly available, a few clicks away, one must learn again how to take time to take our time. Indeed, time to read, time to wander, time to listen to a record from the first to the last song. Time for a drink. And here we are! At the gate the Arvern capital old town, Le Temps d’Un Verre is the name of a shop opened five years ago by three sommelier friends, madly in love with the beverage of Bacchus, and firmly determined to share their passion. This cellar and grocery shop is opened during the day and offers discoveries of unfairly unknown natural wines when the evening comes - until 11pm – embellished by cheese, delicatessen or seafood “planche”.

Then, in a place where nature has almost reclaimed its rights - where the green plants seem to grow in the walls, where the small pebbles are lying on the ground at the entrance, where the wood is a guest star material – an eclectic clientele is being seduced by intriguing and elegant dresses and bouquets. From the eager-to-discover students to the already wise connoisseurs, one comes to ask for advice, exchange about their impression, unveil well-kept secrets and preferences, snack and discuss over a wine glass. Sometimes, at the eve of a round, you may even stumble into one of the best drummers in town, who is in the mood for trading beer kegs for a barrel of wine.


Christophe Basterra