Le Tremplin

Steps of glory

Even the biggest bands start off small. It’s only logic. And this is the raison d’être of Le Tremplin concert venue which is located in Beaumont. As its name might suggest, Le Tremplin is a springboard, a place for local artists to grow. Although you need a car to get there and the building itself certainly lacks in charm, but what’s inside is definitely worth the journey. Frédéric Roz is the venue manager and programmer. He’s also an accomplished musician who always goes out of his way, and the dozen of gigs (mainly pop, rock and folk) he organises every three months are only the tip of the iceberg. If the local bands here are that good, it’s for a very for a simple reason: they can rehearse here in one of the two studios available, or they can receive guidance from the owner for an hour or two, or for even days at a time.

Each year, the venue is home to residencies, welcoming up to 100 bands who will then go on to play live at Le Tremplin, which has a 450-strong capacity. Every night, the venue dares to gamble on discovering something new and it’s often free to get in (take a look at the line-up before you come, it’s available online). And sometimes Le Tremplin even takes us elsewhere…. The venue has struck up partnerships with other venues in the region, to organise the Open Tour: venues swap groups, put together mini tours… passionately spotting talent.

Nico Prat

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