Les Augustes

The wood pannels at the front stand as an invitation to enter. Therefore, you open the door and… at first sight, you think it would have been great if Kandisky and Hopper made together a four-handed painting. You tell yourself that the great Robert Giraud, accompanied by his friend Robert Doisneau, would have loved to stand at the counter and order a glass of red wine, before starting a conversation. Counting (almost) a quarter of a century of existence, the “café-lecture” Les Augustins unveils a dashing and welcoming interior, between an old-fashioned character and smalls touches of modern vibes – you could imagine yourself as the movie star, colorized version. So, you settle, and depending on your humour and desires, you order a glass, a hot drink, a salad or a plate before making up your mind on a book, a journal or a magazine standing on the shelves.

Away from major traffic routes – but just a few steps from place Gaillard – this associative café is animated by full-hearted volunteers, with their heads full of ideas, as a true place of “culture and citizenship”. A successful bet: the place is full of energy, endorsed by the mind-blowing daily programming, according to the time of the day, afternoons or evenings, you can discover colourful cultures, you can take part in a writing workshop, learn the ukulele or sing along with musicians. In line with an intergenerational, intercultural and engaged” public, discussions are often animated, exchanges are passionate, smiles and laughs are some of the prerequisites. As soon as you go through the door of Les Augustes, you are far more than a simple client: you become an active contributor to this one of a kind place, opened to anybody driven by passion and curiosity.


Christophe Basterra

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