Les Puces des Salins

Bargain hunting in Clermont

There’s a local tradition not to be missed, one that’s unique to Clermont-Ferrand and made for all night owls, party-goers and music-lovers alike: spending your Sunday morning at the Salins flea market to regain your composure and recover from the excess of the night before.

This is one of the most important weekly flea markets in France, with no less than 150 stands, welcoming up to 10,000 visitors every Sunday who are on the hunt for that hidden treasure.

Expect all the flea market classics: antique books, vintage ornaments, old manuscripts, kitsch knick-knacks. Spread out across the different aisles, you’ll also find boxes full on records neatly (or not) ordered, displayed and piled up. You’re sure to unearth some gems. In fact, this market is a landmark for musicians, artists and journalists from the region, who are always on the lookout for discovering something new or a bargain to add to their growing collections of oddities.

And because we’re in Clermont, a lot of the items on sale at the stands demonstrate the Auvergne’s history, big and small, such as relics from the old Michelin factories.

Wander around, take it all in, dig around and then go grab a coffee at the Univers so that you can compare your purchases with new friends. Next, head next door to feast on some local, organic produce at the food market inside the courtyard of the bus station.

And there you have it! Now you’re feeling all refreshed and ready to go for another look around! Or you could just go for a well-deserved nap instead.

Nico Prat

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