"Imaginary and rigorous construction of a society that composes, for the one realizing it, an ideal or counter ideal.". That is the Larousse – French dictionary – definition of the common name “utopia”. Since 2012, five students in Clermont started to work on the project of a place that was only existing in their mind, a place that would absolutely not be doomed to stay “imaginary”, that would become an “ideal”, or rather “their ideal”. A place that would gather the ones sharing the idea and the wish of sharing, a point of contact and a beginning point, a melting pot of ideas, of desires, of exchanges and debates. On Kessler street, next to many university buildings in Clermont, LieU’Topie will celebrate five years of existence in 2020. In an environment where the functional aspect is a major asset, and under the condition of being an association member (for the very reasonable price of 3 euros a year), you can come to do grocery shopping, to order some “SSuper paniers” of seasonal fruits and vegetables, to do laundry and to redesign the world (or your mid-term exams) over a drink.

At the end of every afternoon, this place feels like a true breeding ground. According to the volunteers, employees or contributors from other associations, you can participate in a philosophical debate, in DIY workshops, speak Spanish, attend improv, acclaim local musicians. Besides, among the future projects, LieU’Topie is working on a springboard and a festival that would be named Le Cri Du Bourgeon – The Scream of the Bud – a competition between students groups, in which the two “winners” would share the Place Louise Bourgeois stage with confirmed artists and the possibility to record with a professional. So, yes, no doubt that for LieU’Topie it is better to live your dreams than dreaming your life.


Christophe Basterra

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