Parcours Space Invaders

Gotta catch ‘em all!

Franck Slama aka Invader is a French street artist. Since 1996, he’s been creating a serious of mosaic Space Invaders on walls across some of the world’s biggest cities - including Clermont Ferrand, which he invaded in 2016. Just so it’s clear: in no way whatsoever are we going to give you a list of street names – not even the numbers – of where you can find the 40 different Space Invader artworks spread across the city.

Whether you’re a rookie or a hard-core fan and even it you don’t cheat, you’ll easily come across one or two as you stroll the streets and get drawn into the game, wanting to hunt out the lot of them. Some will be blindingly obvious, like the massive film-inspired invader that welcomes you as you exit the train station, which is a nod to the city’s well-known international short film festival.

Otherwise, you’ll have no difficulty in finding the Serge Gainsbourg invader standing several metres tall which has garnered cult status. But if you need a clue, there just so happens to be a Rue Serge Gainsbourg in Clermont.

As for the rest, it’s up to you to explore, look around and search with the app in hand, ready to “flash” your finds and win points.

As always, the artist did a little more than just simply hang about for the weekend: he took a lot of inspiration from the city and its history and culture, to create original artworks alongside invader classics for which he’s so well-known. Furthermore, he was inspired by the cathedral’s gothic style to create a series of “bat-invaders”. And how can we forget the Bibendum Invader, a nod to the city’s Michelin factories.

The hunt to find all these creatures will also lead you on a quest to discover Clermont’s history. It’s certainly a wonderful way to discover the city, going whichever way the fancy takes you!

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