Picture Store

December 8, 2018. At la Coopé, on the esplanade, in the small or the big hall, the crowd is gathering for a grand evening. It is not quite a usual night, it is an anniversary – a 10th anniversary – which is quite something when you started from the bottom, or, more exactly, from a bedroom and a garage. That evening, the « outdoor » brand from Clermont, Picture, is blowing out its 10 candles and invited bands from here (Dragon Rapide, among others) and above (Frustration, JC Satan…), and a DJ for a Carte blanche that turned into a Nuit Blanche. It was the least they could do to celebrate the success of three bold and daring friends that were not afraid to create in 2008 a brand linked to sliding sports and a certain idea of eco-responsibility.

Less than twelve months after this celebration, Picture achieved a dream awaited by some for years: if the company had 1 500 resellers across the world (and around 400 in the Hexagon), they did not have a front store in the Auvergne Capital yet. Just before the beginning of winter 2019 – quite logical you may say – the Picture Store finally opened its doors in the heart of commercial arteries in the old town. A shop molded according to the brand image: modern, practical, elegant, engaging, innovative but with a small touch of classicism. Of course, you can find all the signature item of the pine brand from t-shirts to suits, from bags to hats, from sweaters to skirts or pants. Then a certitude comes to mind: in Clermont or elsewhere, Picture is far from pining away!

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