Place de la Victoire

The sun at its zenith

Whatever the time, whatever the day of the week, Place de la Victoire is THE place to be for all of Clermont Ferrand’s youth (and beyond). It’s a place where you come with friends to enjoy a drink, grab a bite to eat, give someone a hug or simply read peacefully on the terrace when the sun comes out. For those visiting the city or passing through, you can’t not come here as it’s home to the (wonderful) tourist information office.

When you first discover the square, you truly get a sense of why it’s so special: it’s pedestrianized, right in the heart of the city and overlooked by the majestic Notre-Dame de l’Assomption cathedral.

This is somewhere you feel right at home. Whether you’re a culture vulture or foodie fanatic, or simply lacking in Vitamin D and in need of the sun’s rays, there are so many places to check out here. The choice really is yours, depending on your mood or the time of day.

From the early hours (or, perhaps you might consider this the end of the night before), Café Pascal serves long blacks to early-risers as well as ice-cold pints to night owls on the hunt for the last drink of the evening.

As for lunch, head to Derrière, where they serve incredibly generous dishes that are great value for money, and take a seat on their huge terrace while soaking up the charming vibe.

When it comes to evening drinks and snacks, Bistrot de la Butte is a must. At the foot of the cathedral, it’s the fashionable place to be for the local artsy nightlife. Expect an impeccable soundtrack and platters filled with local produce that won’t break the bank, pair them with a beer or one of their numerous wines in stock and you’ll find it hard to leave! You won’t, however, find it hard to come back.

Nico Prat

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