Place du Mazet

The Place To Be

For a long time, this small, discreet square with a charming, almost romantic feel, suffered from a bad reputation due to a bit of bad company … However, the fortunes have changed over the years, and the shops and restaurants around the square decided to give this central spot its mojo back, and its diversity too. There’s something for everyone here. Clermont-Ferrand is Julien Kocher’s hometown, and his wife Sali Cessouma came here in 2005 from Burkina Faso. Four years ago, they opened La Grange Africaine with the aim of taking locals on a discovery of West African cuisine with dishes such as maafe, yassa or thiep…. A few metres away, in the kitchens of Les Canailles is Guy-Baptiste Charles along with Edgar Vigier. On the menu of their restaurant-cum-wine bar, expect French-style tapas plus cheese and charcuterie platters. Next door, well nearly, there’s BerGamoThée.

This vegetarian café-restaurant opened in 2013 and often holds events like readings, concerts and exhibitions. For pre-dinner drinks, head to Au Fût et À Mesure, a bar with an unusual concept: the beer tap is in fact on your table, so you can serve yourself to your heart’s desire. This bar plus these three restaurants (amongst many others) are all the driving force behind what makes Place du Mazet the place to be, or at least check out. The party doesn’t just stop on your plate or in your pint glass. In fact, all the restaurateurs and shop owners are friends, supporting one another and even collaborating together. For example, when the sun’s out, pull up a pew on one of the numerous terraces, as you’ll often find gigs taking place outside on the square.

Nico Prat

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