Rolling Rock

Love sick

Sylvain Heyraud said so himself: many years ago, an incurable disease took over him, a pain that’s eating him inside out. The only visible symptom is an incapacity to not purchase a record for more than 24 hours. And so, 30 years ago, he took the decision to fight fire with fire, and become a record store owner. He started out by touring all the fairs in France, before setting up Rolling Rock in 1994. It’s home to a rich back catalogue of several thousands of records covering blues, funk soul, jazz, pop rock, folk, psychedelic rock, hard rock, metal and much more. At 51 years old, Sylvain has proudly offered a solid alternative to large retailers over all these years, and has stood out as a major pioneer for new sounds.

Dig deep and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for – and you’ll likely come away with something different that’s sure to become your new favourite band! So what makes Rolling Rock so unique? The answer is so modestly obvious! It’s the regulars, the fans and also the owner’s passion and enthusiasm. With a particular penchant for 70s rock and stoner music (Kyuss, Sleep, Black Sabbath…), the owner always makes the time to help you out and point you in the right direction. It’s pretty handy, especially when every single centimetre of this tiny shop is covered will racks filled to the brim with records and CDs. It’s every gold digger’s paradise.

Nico Prat

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