An institution

Spliff isn’t a record store, at least, it’s not only a record store. Spliff is an institution. This hideaway for music lovers first came to light in 1981 as an association, before turning into a small business in 1990. Since then, its doors have always remained open, even in moments of crisis. Gilbert, the owner (who’s also behind the restaurant Le Sisisi), has seen and lived it all: the emergence of the rock scene and French punk in the 80s, the local pop revival in the noughties, the fall and return of vinyl records, and even the dawn of streaming… And even if, by his own admission, things today are a little less fun and a little more complicated (vinyl is too expensive!), he’s still around, doing what he believes in - and quite rightly so.

Because Spliff plays its role in pioneering talent and spreading the message. Because you’ll always find the hottest new sounds and rare relics. Because here’s a place where local musicians come buy their records. Because Gilbert isn’t a record seller, but a musical activist. His cause? Rock music, of course! But a bit of folk, rap, funk and blues too. At Spliff, nothing is too sacred, yet there is only one rule: you’ve got to love the gentle sound of a record crackling.

Nico Prat

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