The Salvation Jane

Around the world in 80 beers

The road may be small, but it’ll take you far, real far, even a little over France and Europe. Here at 14 Rue Terrasse you’ll find The Salvation Jane, a pub which specialises in beer – and lots of it! Gaëtan and Bron opened the bar four years ago. Their goal was to take over a venue which had untapped potential - the rather unforgotten La Perdrix, and turn its fortunes around. The idea from the offset was simple: to (most importantly) serve beer, and (also) some food. Gradually, the Salvation (for those in the know) has come to specialise in craft beer (beer that’s usually 100% malt, made without additives and aimed at beer enthusiasts). These days, the bar has 14 of the best of French and European breweries on tap and around a hundred bottled beers. On the plates, the chef earned his stripes in a Michelin-starred restaurant, but ensures the food has a “pub-vibe”. The menu is both simple yet rich: take the hot dog, which is made on a baguette with grated Cantal cheese and Strasbourg sausage.

As for the atmosphere, how can you not feel at home here amongst a youthful clientele in a space with vaulted ceilings, low-level lighting, lots of stone and wood details, and stacks of music memorabilia. The pub has definitely got an Anglo-Saxon influence, as the music blaring out comes from Albion’s shores: The Jam, Artic Monkeys, The Beatles etc. Whether you’re an inquisitive amateur, an occasional drinker, a beer geek or simply need to satisfy your thirst, the bar staff’s mission is to help you discover and enjoy craft beer, all while playing some wonderful tunes. Basically, this place is one of the city’s best pubs. And the future is looking bright: while today the downstairs basement is looking a little empty, it’ll soon host sets from resident DJs and mind-blowing musical line-ups. Definitely one to watch!

Nico Prat